Our days together have fled so quickly,
Swifter than the eagle's flight.
Yet all have been so filled with meaning,
They enchant my soul like roses in blooming.

How shall I explain what you are to me?
T'would be like trying to paint the sunrise.
Changing hues of light shifting across water,
Dew sparkling like diamonds on leaves that stir.

I have believed in you for your worth as a person
From the moment that I met you.
And have understood your fight to be uniquely you,
No matter what the cost that would surely ensue.

All I want is to help, you won't let me inside,
For the walls you have built, you have set there in pride.

You possess sweet simplicity, that of a child,
Yet wear peace like a King's velvet robe.
You ventured through lands where others dared not
Unknowing, but determined to win your own slot.

I have loved every moment of being with you,
Yet my heart aches in misunderstanding.
For I yearn to be with you, walk by your side
To ease any pain that afflicted your life.

All I want is to help, you won't let me inside,
For the walls you have built, have a span far too wide.

And now I am standing here watching you go,
Crying inside for I love you so.
Still always I will pray for your soul and your mind,
And that joy and contentment one day you will find.

V. Mahfood

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