By: Ronald P. Chavez

There will always be blackbirds of sorrow
That fly round our heads and all about
Determined to stir the torrents and torments of doubt
Let not the dark birds of misery
Nest in our hearts
For they will forever flutter and spite one’s life
And never wing away
In the end it is only what we truly know and think
Deep down and well grounded
In our own way will our own destiny hold sway
Seek song birds
Watch butterflies
Be alert to the will of the wind
And the wily play of shadows
Seek moments of silence
Dance with peacocks in brilliant colors
Be one with the sun
Stay in tune with the moon
Trust we must when
God’s peace shall descend to atone
For one’s unbelief and mistrust
How long must we search
How far should we look?
To land
In a garden of fragrant flowers

Ronald P. Chavez

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