By: R. J. Denzel

early morning rise
stepping outside
gather up the paper
glancing up
at the sky

not a cloud
to cover
the star studded
someone had mixed
a bucket of
sparkles and tossed
upward picturesque
against the black
ink of nothingness

like twinkling
christmas lights
some bright
others not
quite beautiful
thousands to see

what did the ancient ones
wonder as they sought
to reach and touch
beyond their grasp

always there
always changing
with the seasons
after all these
years still amazes
the beauty of nature

Raymond Denzel
R. Jacob Post

-Daily Quote: The greatest lovers are like twin blooms,
each reflecting the passion and the glory of the other.
- jlh

-Linguist Quote: piccolo: small / adjective.
- Example sentence: Questa valigia è troppo piccola, non avete qualcosa di più grande?
Translation: This suitcase is too small, don't you have something bigger?

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