By: Andrea Dietrich

We all employ them in different ways,
most wisely, to inspire, cheer or praise.
Some try to keep them clean, and some do not.
Depleted of them, we can’t voice a thought.

We use them to make small talk, break the ice,
or offer resolutions, give advice.
We wheedle and beguile with them for gain,
or we may sharpen them, inflicting pain.

Consumed with envy, vengeance or with hate,
we hurl them to deride or to berate.
And it’s the foulest ones that some will seek
to ravage fragile spirits of the meek!

But other times, we ply them to entrance.
We spin a tale with them or make them dance
across a page in lines of poetry
by wielding them to capture imagery.

So whether they be dull or cast a spell,
we learn and grow if we digest them well.
And whether they be heard or signed or read,
it’s by the power of words mankind is led.

Andrea Dietrich

Quote of the Day: "To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion all in one."
-John Ruskin

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2/18/10

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