By: Edward Rhodes

So, if we meet again, what should I say?
If I should speak to you, subdue my fear
Should I apologize and walk away?
Or linger with excuses, words unclear
And mumbles of regret? Should I decline
To speak to you at all, wear the veneer
Of sullen, proud indifference, yet incline
My ear to hear your words, if words you speak
And do not with your silence oppose mine
Arouse in me this melancholy streak
Like that which haunts me, waking every day?
Should I deny the tears upon my cheek?
Should I speak gracious words, resolve to pray?
Tell me, if now we meet, what I should say

Edward Rhodes

"The moon is like a mystery novel, the sun like a motivational self-help book, and the stars a coffee table book of photography. The sky is the whole library, and God the librarian".
~Terri Guillemets

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010

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