By: Jason LaMorris Rivers

Mirror on the wall
why are you taking
up her time?
You got her in the mirror,
putting make-up on her mind,
Putting on that make-up
only wastes precious time
Cause it's not about her face,
It's more about what's in her mind,
But our sad shallow world,
has her working overtime,

30 minutes 'til an hour,
so she can try to find perfection,
But only if she knew,
there's little need for correction,
And it's sadder
that beauty companies
are rich because of this,

Girls with low self esteem
spending millions to achieve,
To achieve a look
that they already possess,
But it's society's fault
that there's so much stress,

Cause it makes them think
that they need make-up to
but the truth is
It's only used to deceive,
cause it's a temporary fix,
inside they will still bleed,

The world can be
so superficial at times,
That's the main reason
they're trying to make
us all blind,

By making us think
that beauty
is all that really matters,
But it's the true confidence inside,
Which make-up only shatters,

Putting make-up on,
only makes you like the other,
Without the make-up on,
you will stand out like a star,
So don't worry girl
you're beautiful just the way you are,

And you should not care
what those shallow people think,
Cause if you try
to impress them,
then you're missing out
on the deep,
you're already beautiful,
smart, and complete,
but without make-up on,
you can say that
you're unique

Jason Lamorris Rivers Copyright ©2010
conscious, and intimate thoughts by jason lamorris rivers

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
~Kahlil Gibran

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010
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