By: V. Mahfood

Pink, mottled skin so warm and soft, smooth against my face,
Bright blue eyes peering up at me, round as gleaming moons.
Tiny button nose, rosebud mouth that gamely tries to smile,
Soft, brown, feathery hair that will be grown in just a while.

One day baby takes her first steps, grinning so wide in glee!
Hands waving wildly in the air, proud as she can be.
Calling out in baby language, “Mommy look at me!”
As she walks away from me tears fall, and though I smile I cannot see.

Happy toddler years of games, playdates and Barney on TV,
Baby plays with toys and books, crawls in and out of tents.
Begins to feed and bathe herself, lays down at night to sleep,
As she says sweet prayers my tears fall, and though I smile I cannot see.

My big girl rides to school with me on her shiny, new, pink bike,
Today starts Kindergarten, and independence waves its flag.
Gives a precious kiss and waves, “Love you Mommy, wait for me!”
As she rushes off to class tears fall, and though I smile I cannot see.

My darling now plays basketball, and even soccer too,
She dresses up in cleats and jersey, long hair in a braid.
I fiercely yell and wave her on to a major victory,
As she scores her first big goal tears fall, and though I smile I cannot see.

My angel entered high school today, that big, exciting place,
The girls there dress in little shorts and t-shirts bedecked in beads.
I see a boy wave to her, without a backward glance she flees,
She laughs as she runs toward him, they kiss under the tree.
My tears softly begin to fall, and though I smile I cannot see.

V. Mahfood
Coffee Table Poetry for Tea Drinkers

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010
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