By: Butch Phillipps

Waiting in the doctors office,
Wondering if he's a novice.
They said to come in at ten,
have to sit and wait on them.

Not sure why it's always the case,
Guess overbooking is common place.
Feeling that I am wasting my time,
Waiting like this should be a crime.

No excuse to take this long,
Feeling like I don't belong.
Getting upset and about to shout,
Contemplating whether to walk out.

It's now eleven and still waiting,
After this he'll get a bad rating.
Assistant walks in with a huff,
Service like this is very rough.

Finally he walks through the door,
Don't have to wait anymore.
They're backed up that's to blame,
My time is valuable just the same.

In five minutes he is through,
Not enough time to say how do.
Bedside manners he does lack,
Pretty sure I won't be back.

Have to wait even to pay,
Didn't hear have a good day.
Without a smile tells what to do,
Glad to say they're in the rearview.

A little courtesy should suffice,
They should know to be nice
Is he a doctor or a quack,
Never again will I go back.

Butch Phillipps

Daily Quote: Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.
- Luther Burbank

Linguist Corner-SPANISH: disgustar, verb / to upset
- Me disgustó su tono.
His tone upset me.

- Estaba indignado con su comportamiento.
I was disgusted at his behavior.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2011
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