A thousand miles and more - away,
your presence is felt here.
Pictures of you on walls - display,
in this home that you used to stir.

The virtual conversations in cyberspace,
not a mouse click away.
Fills this longing for your avid grace,
sweet laughter brought to stay.

Your million different tasks await,
secluded offices under the desert sun.
Cool precision of your meticulous state,
never fails your industrious reasons.

Missing you here - so far,
with absent tangible kisses and embrace.
My dear sister of the Eastern star,
I send you health and brilliant diamonds - glaze!

Lorenzo Bernardino, MD
aka "Zorlone"

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15 Responses
  1. Roy Says:

    Hi Z!

    another splendid creation!

    I'm sure your sister would love this... Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Happy birthday to Doc Z's sister! What a beautiful birthday poem, Doc.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So why Easter Star Doc Z?

    I haven't read that it was your composition until I read it at the last part of the poem. Kaya pala familiar 'yung style, ikaw ang nagcompose. :D

    Happy Birthday to your sister!

  4. I love these lines:

    "Missing you here - so far,
    with absent tangible kisses and embrace.
    My dear sister of the Eastern star,
    I send you health and brilliant diamonds - glaze!"

    They speak of the close relationship and love you have for your sister.

    The whole poem is a tribute, a wonderful paean. If I were your sister I would cry because of joy for such display of brotherly love.

    Most have this sibling rivalry among themselves but between the two of you - there is definitely an unbreakable and strong, connecting bond even across the miles.

    What a priceless gift! Happy birthday to your sister.

  5. zorlone Says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity of posting a poem at your site.

    I was inspired to write this for my sister who works in the middle east.

    I hope you enjoyed reading it.


  6. zorlone Says:


    Thanks! I am sure she will like the poem too. After all, she's my sister. hehehe


    She is an inspiration to a lot of Filipinas with her line of work.


    Wow! Thanks! I can't hide my style anymore from you. Galing! Yey!


    That's also my favorite stanza. It is wonderful what the internet can do, the distance is insignificant for two people to stay connected.

    Thank you!


  7. Jena Isle Says:

    May I comment as Jena? He he he...

    You know, I remember my relationship with my younger brother - it's just like yours. Since we were kids, we stayed connected , even up to now that we are apart geographically.

    Now, this reminded me of something, I have to contact him.

    I can't get enough of this beautiful poem. Way to go, Doc Z!

  8. reyjr Says:

    Nice tribute to your sister. :D
    The same goes for my family - my sister in Singapore, me in Batangas, my dad in Oman and my mom and other sister in Manila.

    I can relate with this stanza the most:
    The virtual conversations in cyberspace
    not a mouse click away,
    Fills this longing for your avid grace
    sweet laughter brought to stay


  9. Luke Says:

    Happy birthday to your sister, Z. The fact that you miss her is very apparent in every line of your poem. Why Easter Star, though? Is it just because she works in the East or also because she is a member of the Easter Star?

  10. Jan Says:

    Happy birthday to Doc Z's sister. How sweet! Distance is no object nowadays huh? The world has become a global village and we can instantly get in touch with each other, especially family members and loved ones.

    How hard it must be then when all communication relied on mail - the traditional kind.

    But blood ties are ever enduring - thanks God for that. And thanks for sweet brothers who celebrate this bittersweet separation through a poem. Well done. :)

  11. zorlone Says:


    I hope you were able to get in touch with him. As for me, I am still waiting for my sister to go online.



    I understand what you mean. Well, good thing that we have the technology to get in touch with our relatives with a few clicks.


    Thanks! Yeah, I really miss her. I am planning to visit her soon. Well, not really that soon.

    I thought of the Eastern Star because of the location. She is the East and I am the West. Opposites. Not a member of a club or anything. hehehe


  12. Deeptesh Says:

    Touching!Your sis is the luckiest in the world!

  13. yatot Says:

    happy birthday to your sister doc Z! even if your miles apart.. your love to your sister extends to this blog poem... simply love it! thanks to technology... as you said... even if you are miles apart... her presence is being felt by you whenever you are online... again, happy birthday to your sister!

  14. zorlone Says:


    Thank you! It's nice to see you on this site.


  15. V. Mahfood Says:

    That was a touching poem written by a talented poet. I'm hoping your sister got to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing and please do so anytime.