How gentle you are as you sit there strumming softly,
Your mind races as it strives for perfection.
Love of music is painted in bright colors on your face,
You are bathed in music's light, as you appreciate its grace.

How guileless is your voice as you look at me and sing,
It dances-now with gay abandon, now timid as a dove.
How swift yet sure your fingers are, loyal to your tune,
As they seek the right direction, making music true to you.

This gentleness of yours tugged at my heart, clothed me in pain,
For I saw your sensitivity and how it moved me so.
Then I longed to know what brought you home unto the Lord one day,
And I was filled with many questions, with wandering thoughts at play.

Oh when you look at me and sing, how deep and misty are your eyes,
Then I fight to understand what lies behind their shining blue.
The softness of your voice, and the sweetness of your manner,
Are so much a part of you, there is no one without the other.

How close I am to you because our thoughts are so alike,
And I marvel at our feelings, so very similar sometimes.
I dread the day you leave me with the music that you bring,
Though I will still remember you, and for us both I'll sing.

V. Mahfood
Coffee Table Poetry for Tea Drinkers

"Autumn is really the best of the seasons; and I'm not sure that old age isn't the best part of life. But of course, like autumn, it doesn't last."
~C.S. Lewis, "Letters of C. S. Lewis [1966] "27 October 1963""

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Coffee Table Poetry for Tea Drinkers
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