By: R. J. Denzel

like the
Flying Dutchman
cast about
the oceans
tortured souls
unable to land
come to port
complete the journey

unable to complete
the circle
the journey
to be as one
not to be
as two

thoughts and
crash the seas
the mantra repeats
can not have
what is not

what if it is true
the highest mountains
the deepest seas
stand between you
it is not worth the effort
it can not be
no sacrifice too great
but to no avail

Don Quixote
jousted at windmills
laughed at
he didn't win

like a lovesick boy
in school
heart set
on the prettiest girl
not to be

why do men
do what they do
brain doesn't
get in the way
logic spock
too human
heart gets in the way

doesn't need to
make sense
she reads
thoughts undone
space and time
allows one to
reach out
or brush away

there will be
or two or three
not to
be there

should have
known better
why did I try
doddering old fool

taken as I am
true to thy self
accept or reject
fall as they may
owed nothing
by other
a cleansing
not complete

bury into the
this too shall pass
just a man

to survive
the saying

just friends
not lovers
my ghost ship
journeys on

R. J. Denzel
R. Jacob Post Poetic Muses

Daily Quote: You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Linguist Corner-ITALIAN : scoprire: to find out / verb.
Ogni giorno scopro di amarti piĆ¹ del giorno prima. Buon San Valentino!
Translation: Every day I realize that I love you more than the day before. Happy St. Valentine's Day.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010
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