By: Stormy Day

I love the way your hair
stuck out to one side
when you'd just woke up
it was the cutest bed-head
I'd ever seen

I loved how your hand
enveloped mine
like a small child's
when we'd walk together
side by side

I loved the way just your smile
could make my day
my favorite one
stretched to your ears
and made you look so silly

I loved how your eyes
would change from green to brown
or somewhere in between
and that soft look you would get
saved just for me

I loved the way your voice
enchanted me so completely
I could sit and listen
for hours on end
and never tire of it

I loved how you would laugh
unexpectedly out loud
and wouldn't tell me why
it only made me wonder more
what you were thinking of

I loved the way your arms
held me close yet gentle
how protected and safe I felt
when I was with you
and how loved I knew I once was

I loved everything about you
and all that you were
every strength
and every flaw
I loved it all

I loved you

Stormy Day

Daily Quote: Under every full moon, a woolgathering world idles. ~Lorraine Skylark

Linguist Corner-FRENCH: étoilé / starry /Part of speech: adjective
French: Nous sommes allés nous promener de nuit, sous un beau ciel étoilé.
English: We went for a walk at night under a beautiful starry sky.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010

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