By: Kathryn Merry

I dreamt that I fell into a tidal sea whose mean little waves rolled brown into their white foam crest.
Dirty little waves, tumblingheadlong into a pebble rock shore.

I walk buoyantly, stubbornly, inside a swirl of water who doesn’t understand footsteps and wants to carry me away.
Wants to give its greatest gift,
wants to cast its favorite spell.
Wants to take the weight from me and let me float.

But I reject,
and dig my toes further into glass crystal sand, push my weight against an ocean army advancing in waves to take me down & under.
It is unmoved by my oxygen dependence.
It smiles at my finless form, my primitive lungs that can’t separate 2O from H.
I am a fish out of water, and the water wants to make me swim.

And in my dream, when I found ground & began to walk again- when I was still in water, but not swimming-
I felt a net of salt adorning me, I shimmered like a diamond.
And as the water lapped weaker and lower, petting my calves, ankles, toes-
I felt a silky seaweed mass that hung from my head like a train.
My hair had grown back, long & thick down my back, while I was slowly opposing the current.

In that dream way, it felt like years, but was only a day.
In that real way, it means nothing but is all of me, just the same.

Kathryn Merry

Daily Quote: Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.
- G. K. Chesterton

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2011
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