By: M. J. Duggan

In the ultra earth-shine a reflection

Summer’s host rides with the ills of silence,

a hunched weeping muse collects her tears

like the frequent pebbles that span a beach.

In the dead fields of weathered corn

she rests well under dapple skies of canvas,

in prayer she weeps for songs of hope

from the Gods and ghosts that glisten the night.

The evening hoaxer rustles laggardly

in the illusory eye of her sleep,

the wise musings of nomadic wildlife

guardians to the languisher of dreams.

The night carried the idle day away

she could hear the day slowly dwindling

the resurrected whispers of his words

enchanting the woodlands with his return.

M. J. Duggan
Poetry of MJ Duggan
TAKEN FROM ‘UNDERWORLD’ ( a collection of sixteen poems)

Daily Quote: Nothing I say can explain to you Divine Love
Yet all of creation cannot seem to stop talking about it.
- Rumi

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2011
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