By myself I can not sleep at night
Whenever I close my eyes
My memories of you play over again in my head
Haunting my broken heart and soul

And when I finally do slip into
My world of ignorant bliss
You are still in my mind, vivid as ever
Reality is obscured and you are with me again

It is all so perfect
Until I am jolted back to real life
Then I realise once more that I am alone
The pain rushes back to my mind

I can not move
The pain has taken hold, it's all I feel
It washes through my shaking body
As my lips whisper unheard pleas

If only I could have you again
I would never ask for anything else
I need release from the pain
I need you my darling

Kait Jordan

"Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional."
~Buddhist proverb

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