By: Angela France 

She lives on.. Despair

Through out the times, wish she had two dimes,
always smiling, pushing through the pain,
everything to gain, she hears the music still.
With a grin and a cupcake, she heads out to the grill,
flips the burgers, because as a single mom,
she has to be the dad too, flip flip the burgers.
Feeds the kids, does the dishes, makes her wishes
Longing for a hug, she settles for a coffee mug,
kids are asleep, happy though they are
she lays her head down and weeps,
Because her childrens father was a creep,
she’ll never see a dime, let alone two to rub together,
but her and her kids were thick like feathers,
longing for her youth, and the ability to wear leather,
she gathers her self up and smiles,
She’ll make it, because she has too,
her and her kids will stick together like glue,
and with that a smile she was out of the blue,
sipping on her coffee, and folding laundry,
this is her life now, not a princess, not a queen,
not a dancer with nothing to preen,
hamsters cage is next it too needed to be clean,
this is now her dream, a home, never to roam,
routine, routine same things every day,
this was the price she had to pay for a moment of love,
nine years ago, she never told him,
he was in a band, his career came first,
so with a must, and a thrust, she loved him for ever more,
she had a part of him with in her.. he never to know
because he had to go to the next show,
her heart did crumble, and quitely she did mumble
you rocker band man, I loved you i was a fan,
long and gone, he never really forgot about her
never had her name, and she never reached fame,
So he could never quite find his fair dame,
he married another, that was it.. she knew it,
from afar she knew it her soul did wither,
and for ever more.. two souls that were once together
now living two half lifes… she never did marry,
because her heart was heavy, she keeps photos of him
a scrap book for her kids, for if they have questions
there will be answers, she chose to let him have his career
and basically the decision kicked her in her rear.

Angela France
Mama Alfys Ramblings

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 3/16/10
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