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By: Alessandro Lopes

There is a frozen heart
Inside a very warm body
There is a pale soul
Contrasting with a colorful eye
There is an empty mind
Under her blond hair
But she is just a figurine…

So I went out of that store
After that very frozen moment.

Suddenly, I see a girl
Made of pure angel material
-Go for her! -cried out my heart in desperation
She is walking on the streets of my city
She is promenading away from me again
She is getting away from my tired eyes
-Go for her!

Being a little shy I approach
She glanced at me with a very distant sight
Frozen heart and pale soul
Magical eyes and beautiful lips
Vague mind facing me
-Heavens! She is just another figurine...

Alessandro Lopes

"A picture is a poem without words."

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 3/23/10
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