..and through a curious enchantment,
which in time aroused my secret self,
I was at once acquainted with my heart's eternal dreams"
- Robert E. Anderson

blooming mystique of a sapphire cloth
wrapped in beauty for her dreams to breathe
such wonder inside the grace that blooms
each way that she sings her poetry

when nighttime shimmers to bare its tone
through whispers so calming she finds her way
under moonlight as she dances in rhythm
to capture the moments which charmingly sway

echoes that cry to her soul's endearment
and never to cost her pains of life
blooming mystique of a sapphire cloth
dance with me till the end of time

in all your dear sweet essence beyond
mere mortals understanding for how you voice
every word that causes their hearts to endure
i sense how you yearn the enchantment of joy

blooming mystique of sapphire cloth
wrapped in beauty for your dreams to breathe
i wish you the best in all your endeavors
and pray you will find all the love you seek

Robert Anderson

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2011
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