By: Deeptesh Sen


halogen storm
receding streets beneath the moon,
ancient Persian tunes
flash across the mind
like threads of painted glass

I stare into the naked silence
of your eyes
and watch the world
change colour


mirrors on the ice,
and a palace dressed in smoke,
the lady in Louvre
always speaks in metaphors

reading the confessions
beneath her smile,
I knew every girl
loves secrets

I wish I knew yours,
when I met you
that blue evening
in Paris


lonely in silence,
call me by my name
soft blush on your cheeks
when you hear my voice,

someone calls you
a poet’s first love
what thoughts assail you then,
my little girl,

when you sit alone
in an empty room?
what griefs chase you
that make you weep in silence?


hour-glass in my dreams,
wild flowers in your hair,
my thoughts travel backwards
in time

that evening when we cried
as we held hands
in the metro
or when we together
got drenched in the Maidan
last summer


sad songs of the winter;
I miss you
couples at the Victoria;
I miss you

the crowded bus at Shyambazaar;
I miss you
party-time on the ledge,
when people smoke
over art and politics;
I miss you


I offer you my words
like a white necklace
burn my poems
if they make you cry
you might have to write
an elegy…………

Deeptesh Sen
Deeptesh Poetry

Daily Quote: A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.
- Charlotte Brontë

Linguist Corner-ITALIAN: luna / moon / noun

-Example sentence: Le maree sono influenzate anche dalle fasi della luna.
Translation: The tides are also influenced by the phases of the moon.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010
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