By: Anna Andrews

As I close my eyes
I dream of a land,
Where everything is sweet
With coloured sherbet sand.
Filled with flavoured milk
The ponds, the rivers, the sea,
Strawberry, chocolate, banana
Vanilla and raspberry.

The clouds are cotton candy
The stars are toffee fudge
And when you see the Bassett tree,
There’s temptation to give a little nudge.
Flowers are made of candy cane,
The petals so soft and nice.
Deep within the biscuit house
To find some chocolate mice.

More than you can imagine
Marshmallows in the bath,
Coffee flavoured stones,
Lay upon the path.
Sitting in the hen house
Lays all the Cadburys cream,
And all of this exists
In my sweet candy dreams

Anna Andrews
Copyright 2010

Daily Quote: Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum.
~Terri Guillemets

Linguist Corner-FRENCH: raconter / to tell / verb
- French: Elle nous a raconté la troublante histoire de sa vie et nous a bouleversés.
- English: She told us about the disturbing story of her life and we were shocked.

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