By: Courtney Griggs

Why Judge Before I Even Know???
I’ll just Chill and Go with the Flow.
It’s Not What I Imagine.
Why Let My Thoughts Control My Reaction.
Real in My Face...
Betraying ME in Every Other Place.
What I Don’t Know Can’t and Won’t Hurt.
Take Your Secrets and Be Sure to Burry Them Deep in Dirt.
Isolated and Left Alone.
Once Again My Insecurities have Grown.
It’s Hard for ME to Forgive.
I Even Now Let the Past Live.
I Wish It Would Die.
Forget It… I Often Try.
All the Effort has Left ME Strained.
And often Wondering What have I Gained???.
Constantly it Burdens ME…
You are Hard to Trust Perpetually.
All the Deceit is Motivation.
For ME to Redirect My Passion and Emotion.
Step Back …Examine…and Reflect…
Maybe Even Cure Some of These Issues I Detect.
What More can I Say???
It’s Easy to Hate…. but Hard to Love…
Painless to Judge but Complex to Comprehend…
Sometimes it’s Hard for You to See Yourself…
But I See Just Who You Are….
An Individual with an Identity Unknown to You or ME…
When You Look in the Mirror…..Honestly Who and What Do You See???

Courtney Griggs

Daily Quote: The greatest crimes are caused by surfeit, not by want. ~Aristotle, Politics

Linguist Corner-SPANISH: contar, verb / to tell; to count

-Cuéntame lo que pasó.
Tell me what happened.

-¿Quieres que te cuente cómo fue?
Shall I tell you what it was like?

-Sabe contar hasta diez.
He can count to ten.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010

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