By: Agreat Kisser

I sat under the stars tonight
to see how many fell.
Fifteen completed their journey tonight
With a razor sharp slash of light across the sky.
Were you watching those fifteen?
The sky did not waiver.
The sky did not mourn its loss.
It did nothing,
showed no emotion.
I am like the sky.
Perhaps like me the sky is sad
But keeps its feelings hidden?
Where did they go in their blaze of light?
Where have you gone?
The sky will never see those fifteen again.
Shall I see you?

Agreat Kisser

Daily Quote:
Only in quiet waters do thing mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.
~Hans Margolius

Linguist Corner-SPANISH: mojo \MOH-joh\, noun:
1. Personal magnetism; charm.
2. The art or practice of casting magic spells; magic; voodoo.
3. An object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell.
4. Good luck or favor concerning an event or individual.

"Where's my beautiful fiancé?" Alex asked. "In here bragging about how she worked her mojo on you."
-- Shonda Cheekes, Another Man's Wife: A Novel

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2010
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