There in the valley nestled at the mountain's feet
I saw the wise old shepherd as he watched over his sheep.
He sat in deep contentment on a pillow of thick grass
While he watched his charges play, as they ran nimble and so fast.

When darkness slid down to the valley, thus blanketing the land
And the moon in shyness hid her face behind the restless clouds,
The fox peered out his rocky home with eyes that burned like coal
And slyly nodded while silently out of his hole he stole.

Quietly he crept to contemplate the guileless sleeping ones,
How he had waited for this moment and the time to make his claim.
In his mind he saw great victory at the plan that he had craft,
As he looked at his old enemy and scornfully he laughed.

But the knowing shepherd to his sheep, spoke on bended knee
"Young ones can't you see that to be safe you must abide with me?
The evil one waits for you; he is cunning, how he schemes...
Though if to me you are obedient, he never will succeed!"

Later when the sun stretched out her hands to wipe away the dark,
I saw the grey fox limp away, he knew that he had lost.
Then I marvelled at the shepherd and his love for all his sheep,
And drank of victory eternal with a taste profoundly sweet.

V. Mahfood
Coffee Table Poetry For Tea Drinkers

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use."
-Galileo Galilei

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