By: Jason LaMorris Rivers

As I wake up to my world I'm exposed to the
streets, another day, another struggle just to find food to eat, I see
myself to the world as an abandoned little girl, no respect by the rich,
so my name is third world, If that's not enough what more disaster shall
i face, that will be big enough to bring attention to my face?

Will it be when Walls start breaking, and cores start shaking?, when all
hearts are racing, and minds are moving faster?, leaving us asking
questions like where's our pastor? As we all run rapid because of
oncoming disaster will this be the conclusion that will end with trouble?,

bodies laid out on the streets, some buried under rubble, screaming
words of panic saying god help me please! As the room shakes and
rumbles, I get upon my knees, begging the lord to please take care of me,

walls crumbling and tumbling down, barricading so many into the abyss of
the ground, blood soaked on streets, as i hear horrible sounds, what the
hell is going on!? As hearts just pound, little babies crying as mothers
shield them from the sight,

holding them close to their chests as they're filled with much fright,
too much danger in the house! Get in your cars they say! You'll be much
safer, but yet I stay, I don't have a car, so I just stay and pray,
asking my god to please help me today,

After the worse has ended, and bodies are left on display we all look
around without a word to say, with blank expressions on our faces, like
what went wrong? As we're left in pure shock, hoping that some one comes along,

there's looting as criminals from jail break free, and some who were
never caught, but now they feel free, free to make a horrible situation
even worse, we're confused, and sad and can't make sense of the
situation, but our first obligation is to find the ones who are living,
and hope word gets to the u.s. For some type of support

We scream and we shout, and now we start to scratch, asking ourselves
questions like what caused all that?, that's the question that is asked
after a disaster has occurred, you form relief efforts, in hopes to gain
cash, begging every celebrity when you shouldn't have to ask!

Third world countries fighting to survive, earning one dollar a day just
so we can stay alive, but shame on the rich cause they now want to
arrive, a little to late the death toll is now 5! Meaning 5,000 or maybe
even more, yes the earth quake killed a lot, but in a way you've done more!,

don't get me wrong we're happy and blessed to see your face, but you
showing up late, makes you out as a disgrace, you showed up after the
storm, but where were you before the rain? Cause even before the quake
we were was going through a lot of pain,

what is it about walls breaking and tumbling down, and roads being
cracked, and people being shot down, that makes you act fast? Silently
it was already occurring, but now that nature makes noise, our relief is
now soaring, but why we're not getting relief when we can't afford
shoes?, or when our house is the size of a cardboard box?, or when our
ribs are showing cause we can't afford food?

you give us money now, when it seems like it's the end, but where was
that money when we needed to begin!?, to begin our lives earning more
than one buck, but you neglected us sadly, so we remained here stuck!

haiti as well as any other third world place, is fighting to survive!
why give money now? When we can't open up our eyes!, you left us alone
this long, so why are you helping out now?, did some one make you do
this? Did someone tell you to step it up?, cause now you're coming out the
pocket like you want to help us up!

but if disaster never happened, would we still be in the same
position?, cause it was already disaster before nature got on its
mission, left with no commission, and you never helped us out!,

you celebrities with no hearts, with little bit, or no smarts, with the
only concern being money, and how you do on the charts, then the
ignorant ask questions like why are they obligated,

simple question answered by the word that seems to be eliminated, and
that word is empathetic, and in their brains it's not embedded,
therefore not their hearts, so apathetic is the weapon that shines on the mark,

I'm sure you watch tv all the time, and the ones who need it the most
come to view, you see starving children in africa crying out to be
saved, with all the rich moguls in the world you say this has to be staged!

cause no way we could be asking for small cents a day, when bill gates
has a billion for us to be ok, and not all of africa's poor, contrary to
your belief, there's some small rich parts, that they failed to oversee!,

but when disaster breaks out we beg money from you, the so called middle
class, but you're just trying to make it to, so as of right now the change
is not you, and we understand, but all the rich moguls they seem to have
it all,

but most don't give back cause they're afraid they may fall, all of
their cash spent daily on the mall, or those big rims, or a million
dollar house, or paying off a mistress so they can hide it from a spouse,

I'm about to ask a question that is truly dumb to me, and that same
question is asked by the ones who are free, and that questions is, why
are you obligating me? But I will answer that question as simple as can be,

god blessed you with the money, so set some free, set it free into the
lives of the ones who need it more than you, when you have everything,
and we can't even afford a shoe, and you complain about not having the
latest pair so you can wear,

when somebody somewhere don't even have legs, I really hope this
message gets stuck inside your head, so you can change the way your're
living, so you can finally start giving, cause it's obvious to me that
you have it all to give, but another day that god bless you, and you
decide not to fulfill, that will be another day, and another life you
will steal! God bless the third world, and I mean that for real!

Jason lamorris rivers Copyright ©2010
Poetry of Jason LaMorris Rivers

"Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair".
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

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