By: Freddy Niagara Fonseca


I asked the trees one summer
What they had been thinking of all year.
They wouldn’t say,
But then I heard them wave
And whisper of the ages—
Years, and months, and days—
And countless hours
Of abundant happiness!


I like the tales they tell me.
Autumn makes them talk of leaving all,
And yet they stay,
And as they drop their leaves,
They muse for weeks on April—
Stars and lingering Indian summers—
And latent loneliness . . .


Their voice is low in winter.
Snow and icy winds are on their minds,
And they withdraw;
But in their winter dreams
You hear how branches sing,
And think of dawn—
The sun in distant countries—
And summer peacefulness.


How grand they are each season—
Often have I seen them stand like kings!
A certain awe
Surrounds their splendid forms,
And so they wait for spring—
For flowers—
Verdant prairies—
Butterflies in May—
And simple loveliness.


And then they speak of lovers!
Sudden colors spread their message fast,
And every year
Their many stories bloom,
And nourish noble pages—
Gorgeous music—
Heart and mind
With endless youthfulness.


And so we welcome summer . . .
All day long they stand and think and dream,
And all we hear
Is how they wave again
And whisper of the ages—
Years, and months, and days—
And countless hours
Of unending happiness . . .

© Freddy Niagara Fonseca
Published in This Enduring Gift — A Flowering of Fairfield Poetry

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Linguist Corner-FRENCH: flocon / snowflake /noun
French: Tu as un flocon sur le bout du nez !
English: You have a snowflake on your nose!

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