By: Jeremiah Walton

The click clack of high heels
Against a set marble path
Walking down brick tracks
Following the ridges of my back
Like a train and its tracks
Click clack click clack
Walking up stone stairs, like coyotes in a pack
Scavenging off the deceased
All dressed in black
The snap of fake nails being pressed on
Chewed ruins cracked, now colorful dunes
With the tactless taste of tobacco under the skin
As tasteless music played, these fingers convey
A drunken orchestra of piano keys placed in an array
And the flowers are laid
In the vase of the slain
Why you here so soon?
As the funerals fumes exit the sir's tomb
Where the cremated body is burned into flesh
An hour or so will go, before
The ladies and lords appear, saying they held the dead dear
With their eye lashes long, and their hair well groomed
And with their social rankings assumed
They murmur in small segregated groups
One and another in and out of the loop
Drinking fine wine as they whine about the futures that loom
To meet the same fate, as ashes in a vase
Doomed to have their relatives assume
Control over their net worth when they're worth about as much as the dirt
That their corpses will be buried in
The rick wrath that comes with the click clacks
Followed by the final clap
And a toast
But before that
You'll hear someone screaming that their water's from tap
Disinherited relatives talking shit behind a dead man's back
The cremated flesh in a Good Will sweater vest
A stuffed body stage, the actor's a doll, with the same clothes and all
As the dead man in a vase without a face but still with the ashes of a case of a million dollars burned
That each relative thinks they deserve
But in ignorance,
There is a crass cheer of upper class glass to old lifeand new money that they think they've earned

Jeremiah Walton
Nostrovia! Poetry

~ Jeremiah Walton is the author of the free ebook "To Your Health!" and the book "Nostrovia!" View his writing at website and make sure to participate in the Weekly Poetry Contest!

Daily Quote: There is more hunger for love and appreciation
in this world than for bread.
- Mother Teresa

Linguist Corner-SPANISH: desgracia, noun / misfortune, bad luck
The basic meaning of desgracia is something unfortunate. So, in the following example it means bad luck, rather than its false friend ‘disgrace’.
Es una desgracia que haya* tenido que abandonar el Tour de esta manera.
It’s bad luck that he’s had to drop out of the Tour like this.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2011
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2 Responses
  1. RoxyRibbons Says:

    wow, firstly what a blog... you've really worked on this. I think I'm a long way off from being this good. And I loved the theme of the poem, I loved how it started.. a really refreshing piece!

  2. V. Mahfood Says:

    So glad you enjoy the blog and the poem. I will let the author know this! Thank you for reading with us :-)