please don't go there with your open heart if day
should close within on how you've sought for glory
my faith resides in how your inner fray
will leave you for how often you have prayed

so if your deepest thoughts have been the borer
of mournfulness to sadden you with gray
ensuingly as you tell me your story
please don't go there with your open heart if day

should live and die an unrecalled galore
and if it seems as if shadows remain
i'll try to lead your mind from all the horror
through every night until your doubt is slain

while as I whisper from where I still quarry
may this meet you faithfully halfway
to drain your pain from every dream of worry
please don't go there with your open heart today

Robert Anderson

"When you learn to love, you also need to learn how to let go.”
~Rodel Natividad Casio~


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Yesterday's word was: FRIENDSHIP

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