For my friend Ilya Kaminsky

The first time I heard you read
I was stunned by the baritone
Of voices emanating from your
I had never heard the sky
Talk before
I had never heard trees
But there you were tall
As a mountain
Words water-falling
I was stunned I tell you
I had never heard such a voice
Never seen such passion crest with words
Mere words became objects of nature
Mere words made decisions to become larger
Than life
They loomed they bucked they screamed forgiveness
To all mankind errors
You were the river carrying all this
I was left full in this wake by a man deafened by the pox
Who could hear more than anyone before him.

Larry Jaffe
© 2009 lgjaffe

Jaffe is an internationally known and an award winning writer, author and poet. Whether he is writing on technical subjects or social issues, he clearly writes from the heart with great clarity and understanding. Jaffe impacts audiences and readers with a rich emotional range, masterfully crafted. Read More at: Larry Jaffe.

"Believe in the goodness of life. Believe in the power of time to heal and to renew. Believe in the power of forgiveness and gratitude. Believe in the gift of rainbows and butterflies. Believe in the laughter of children".
~J. Lockwood Huie

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