A thick white coating lay everywhere,
And a sharp, cold wind blew around.
The trees were covered with silver frosting,
While only snow lay on the ground.

It was Sunday morning and Church bells pealed
Across this silver-tinted landscape.
It cut through the cool, crisp morning air,
And travelled swiftly to the icy lake.

A thin, fine mist shrouded the countryside
In its ghostly robe of grey.
But the sun striving not to be outdone
Flooded the earth and all around did lay.

Much later when the sun goes down
The mountains are tinted mauve.
The sun slowly slides out of sight
All is alight with a soft, dusky glow.

This is truly a wonderful fairyland
Now with powdery, soft, pink snow,
And candy-striped, willowy trees,
Surrounded by shadows that darken and grow.

Now everywhere is black and white.
Silhouettes bend and sway in the night.
Everywhere is dark and invisible are all things,
Yet soon it dawns light as a new morning begins.

V. Mahfood
Coffee Table Poetry for Tea Drinkers

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."
~Victor Hugo

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