"What has he done for us lately?" is the question of choice, as heard from
the screams in alabama to the whispers in illinois, "we don't want health
reform!" Is seen on the banners, and heard from the scanners of the
voices who suffer

It's only been almost a year since he made his transition, yet complaints
of the economy still being in the same position, by ignorant minded
people overnight change is expected, but since it's not detected, our
president by some is no longer respected, and falls further down the
cracks of the ones who never accepted

"What have you done for us lately?" is the question of choice, that is
heard from the screams of your outspoken voice, he works on his plan, as
he does the best he can, your people are dying over the border, but he's
extending helping hands, but please don't forget, he's only just a man!

Bush was better! Obama, he sucks!, the economy was bad, but now it's all
messed up! I hear the complaints, but where's the support? Did you
people forget that we only voted for a man? A man who stands tall, and
does the best that he can! who strives for the best, and works hard on
his job, and who cares for the people, but the people are snobs!

The ones who are quick to criticize his name, when things are going
wrong they throw him into the flames, those are the kind who don't
represent change, some who stand behind war, and the ones who lied,
failing to realize that his dreams for our nation have not died, in fact
they're still alive, slowly but surely progression is being paved, only
a matter of time until lives are being saved

but it's ok cause if you're not for him now, then you weren't for him then,
but the ones who are for him, it would be a shame for you to change,
cause the reasons for this economy are not his to blame, he's only doing
the best that he can in the position that he was given, and if he's
wrong for that, then I hope he's forgiven

Jason Rivers
Poetry of Jason LaMorris Rivers

"A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip".
~Caskie Stinnett

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