By: Brett R. Crabrooke

Well, there were flowers outside
For sale,
And we moved amidst them, inhaling,
Stealing their perfume
As the bees did: this was something my
Uncle couldn’t save,
But he still has his unicorn in the cooler,
If you know what I mean,
As my grandfather was in his grave:
And the children who should have
Been to school,
Waited underneath the overpass where
The waves yet echoed:
And in those feral voices, a song-
The memories of sirens saturated there,
And the bells and the lips
Of naiads in their hurricanes-
So the secret orchestras were sung in the
Graffiti’s of their overcast cathedrals,
And at night at home
Sports continued being played- the
Gardens whispered,
And the family prayed- but through the daylight
Desires continued- streaking, foaming,
And answering- vibrations from extending
Shadows- going to brush their lovers
Across the sea- while in their classrooms
The lost girls forgot every memory they cared to
Keep of me.

Brett R. Crabrooke

Daily Quote: What is our family?
We touch our full hearts and see ourselves
reflected whole in each other's eyes.
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Linguist Corner-FRENCH: jeter un coup d'oeil
English translation: to glance
Part of speech: verb
French: Souvent les enfants se lèvent pendant la nuit de Noël pour jeter un coup d'oeil et tenter d'apercevoir le Père Noël.
English: Often children wake up during Christmas Eve to peek and try to see Santa Claus.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2011
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