By: Charles A. Louis, Jr.

She sat on the bench across the way,
The sun shining upon her face;
The wind caressing her hair as it sways.
Looking voluptuous and precious, she was full of grace.
She stole my breath, as she turned and looked my way,
She smiled at me, her lips so graciously full with radiance.
I felt hypnotized by her beauty, seduced by her angelic fragrance.
With one look in her eyes, she stole my heart as, to her sweet temptation, I fell prey.

I found myself dreaming, as if it was night.
The sweetest dream, from which I wish I would never wake.
I fell paralyzed by her defined curves, such a wonderful sight.
I wish I could hold her in my arms, until my last breath, I take.

In my mind, quietly to her, I whisper:
“I would love to shower you with many sweet words,
Worship the ground you walk on,
Fill your heart with a love that’s everlasting;
I’d give anything to just spend one second of a minute of an hour with you...
To fall asleep lost in your eyes,
To wake up in the morning, to your smile.
A glorious day, a glorious dream,
A fantasy in dire need of reality;
As I look at you from afar, as the birds chirp in the distance,
With you, to just one song, I would love to dance.”

But then he came to you and embraced you.
I suddenly realized, a princess as precious as you, surely already had her knight.
Yet, you still found a way to look at me, and smiled.
He held your hand, as you walked away in perfect stride.

As I reminisce on that warm summer day,
On my mind and in my heart you’ll always stay.
As I dream of you once more,
In my heart, you will always remain;
As I will never let go of the sweet memory of you.
For, an angel like you comes only once in a lifetime...

For your kiss, I will always long
Your touch I will always crave.
But reality sets in, and I realized, once more, as close as you seem to be,
Your love I’ll never have.
And just like the northern star in the sky,
You are my unreachable star.

Copyright © 2010 - The Promise by Charles Antoine Louis, Jr. All rights reserved

Charles A. Louis,Jr.

Daily Quote: Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.
- William Shakespeare

Linguist Corner-SPANISH: collar, noun / necklace; collar
- Llevaba un collar de rubĂ­es imponente.
She was wearing an impressive ruby necklace.

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