By: Robert Anderson

or so they say when i recite
each droplet of beauty i found deep
in your gilded soul

'til a smidgen of high finds my heart
while goose bumps
trace the depthlessness of my skin;
the very rock i knew and depended on
still remains only

and all my dreams lingered until...
oh, until you became
vacantly silent and refused
to tell me why; your blushing lips
closed tightly to the world

still i'll kiss you gently on your forehead
then whisper to you of our romance
so that it echoes throughout your
sweet breath of life, dear lover

it's crazy how easily someone so blameless,
so soothing, and fragile
could be lured into unhappy shadows

why didn't you tell me?
i couldn't have possibly
read your mind

but i watched as the blue devils
that haunted your thoughts
prodded through
then found the flaws which adorned
the nakedness of your secret self

i miss you and still
see us dancing in the rain,
my heart was more restless then
you became the voice that resonated in me...
do you remember?

but now as i sit here wondering if you hear me
i ponder whether or not
to expel my red essence
and if that could save me from this
hurt... the blade looks so, so friendly now

and while i quietly trace along the verge
of these mangled veins
my eyes let loose my teary spirit
and gift me with absolutely no previous comfort

'i love you...' is all i sense i can utter
as my fingers tangle violently
in my oily raven hair

and so, i do through the intensities of it all...
i love you and
that is all there is.

Robert Anderson

Daily Quote: A bird does not sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.
- Chinese Proverb

Linguist Corner-ITALIAN: tremare: to tremble / verb
Example sentence: Le foglie della quercia tremano al vento.
Translation: The leaves of the oak tremble in the wind.

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Posted by V. Mahfood - 2011
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