America is America the land of the free, born in
the hope of a new world created, amongst men
who believed the vision of liberty and a freedom
to live in this glorious world

as inspired by valued people, created by its natural
landscaping, bounded by principles that to live in
with nature has come to witness the wisdom
of our dear forefather the dignity of each man, living
in a time of what has been blessed by the Almighty Father
perfected by His creation

as the spring births the summer breeze, and the night
comes after the day, the morning has blessed the loving
people of America, where respect and understanding
welcome all nations to shelter, the cheddar of Lebanon

Oh! America, where every hope comes in the most
expected ways, come swift  away for the day has given
to you to stay, Nay! America leaves us with pain, our
hearts echo its joy to renew the eternity bell, where you
always are there to lend your hand, Alas! America, you're
the answer of our call, the unity that we almost fall, the
cling of every nation's souls to live freely as everybody
wants to be free

America is America, the journey that is always there, the
step that makes us well, and the nation that takes you there
Viva America!

Antonio Liao

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