It is six o'clock in the dew-soaked morning.
Everything is still and cloaked in soft gray.
Soundlessly, around the bend he comes...

He strides easily by the side of the road,
Hugging the shade, blending into the shadows.
A speck drifting on the silent wind.

Three hours later, the crowded day begins.
He sits in deep concentration with mind fixed
On ideas taking shape within his head.

At the meeting, he is intently motionless.
An alert visionary not seeming to see, but
Thinking, searching for answers always.

Now, profound solutions are reached.
Intricate thoughts born of careful planning,
High goals entering the range of perfection.

Finally, it's the end of the hurried day.
He is heading home, satisfied yet anticipating.
There is just one more thing left to do...

Waves of color are flooding the sky.
Nature is losing her robust form.
In the distance there goes a figure, purposeful and steady,
A runner moving towards the setting sun...

V. Mahfood
Coffee Table Poetry For Tea Drinkers

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."-Carl Jung

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